LCMC Health | Generations

    :30 Commercial

Client: LCMC Health
LCMC Health Creative Director: Jason Otis 

Directed by Simon Marthinsen

Production + Post by CounterTake

The goal for these spots was to tell four stories that felt authentic and relatable, all within a 30 second commercial. This approach required quick editing and visual efficiency. Each shot had to communicate an entire story beat within one frame.

We were able to pull this off through careful planning and disciplined execution. We designed and boarded our shots exactingly, knowing that this was not a spot that could be "discovered" in the editing room. And almost every one of the 25 shots in this 30 second spot required a unique setup and fresh wardrobe, meaning the production had to be tightly organized. 

We finished it off with custom music, in-house coloring, and an end graphic that tied this video to the other spots in the campaign. 

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