Whatcha Doin'? | Megan

    :30 Commercial

Client: Alfa Insurance
Agency: ThreeSixtyEight

Directed by Simon Marthinsen

Production + Post by CounterTake

The entire "Watcha Doin?" campaign for Alfa Insuracne was a blast to work on, and the Megan spot may have been the most fun of them all. 

We knew the success of this spot would depend on one element: the strength of our talent, both human and canine. For our human talent, we knew comedic chops and the ability to improvise would be key to making the concept work. We used a wide net when casting, and allowed those auditioning to ad-lib and really show us the unique color they would bring to the role. As for our dog, we suggested using an Afghan Hound, as their distinctive look would sell the punchline the spot was building up to.

The end result is a funny, energetic spot, tied together with excellent performances, custom music, and an unforgettable punchline.

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