Behind the Scenes: Children Hospital New Orleans Commercial

In January 2023 we were hired by the inhouse-agency for Children's Hospital New Orleans to produce a television commercial for their "Keeping You Well" brand campaign. The goal of this spot was to drive home how the hospital allows children, both healthy and not, to enjoy the joys of childhood by providing comprehensive, above-and-beyond care. Stylistically we accomplished this with bright colors, uplifting music, and a focus on the infectious smiles of our young talent.

One unique element of this production was that it allowed us to work with children from the hospital's patient community. Specifically, we filmed with players from the Miracle League, a baseball little league for children with disabilities. We had a blast playing ball with them, and so did they! With both our professional and amateur talent, we were pleased to discover all-star performers with killer smiles.

Filming with young children can be tricky, doubly so when they might not have much experience on set. In order to keep the shoot nimble and loose our DP, Randy DeLeo, used the small bodied FX3 on a Ronin RS3 Gimbal. This setup allowed him to be reactive to the children's actions, catching organic moments of spontaneous fun as they happened. This spontaneity was key to getting authentic performances from our cast, some of who may have struggled to execute highly choreographed direction due to inexperience and age (our cast even included some infants!).

All-in-all, this was a fun, engaging, and successful production! We are grateful to LCMC and Children's Hospital for giving us the opportunity, and all their assistance in making it happen. When you have a great client, a rockstar crew, and a killer cast, you can't lose!



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